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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  June 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it violates the air quality standards. >> before they buzz the beltway. we'll take a look at the planes that will be taking a good look at us. another thing may help us with it comes to strokes. the count becomes dr. dracula. first, we want to update you on breaking news. a delivery driver is in critical condition after being shot in the 3900 block of erdman avenue. he was making a delivery when someone walked up and shot him several times. police gave us a vague description but they do not have anyone in custody. they believe robbery is a possible motive. we'll have the latest on abc2 news at 11. new information about the deaths of a mom and her dawrgt. the two were found on loch raven
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and joppa. >> reporter: the victims' family said they want answers. they said alicia avery was a good person and loving mother. alicia avery and her daughter, 4-year-old dariel parker may have been dead in the apartment for days. dcts have not said how they died but said the deaths are suspicious. many say avery was a kind person. they want answers. >> my family is in a lot of pain. like we need closure. we really do, especially out of my mother. my mother needs closure more than any of us. i would ask if anybody know anything to come forward and let our family know what's wrong. >> reporter: this case has taken
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another twist. baltimore county police confirmed the fact the reason that the victim and her daughter were here is that the mother was a witness in a case. they are not saying if that's perhaps behind the cause. they're looking at all options. in the meantime, they're looking for suspects and any other leemsd. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich. something wasn't right on mt. zion. it took about a month of police work. days ago they lay rested ronald cornelius ham and another man and police found 180 items believed to be stolen including 49 long guns, snowblowers, generators, power washers, chain saws and even fishing rods. so if you think some of these
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items could be yours, call right now at southern district. 410-222-1965. an assistant principal at a baltimore city school arrested on theft charges. assistant principal leonard hart of the antioch diploma plus high school taken away in handcuffs shortly before 11:00. police say there was a warrant for his arrest and that he is accused of stealing ipads from the school. the school said does not comment on personal issues but told us it is launching an intern hall -- internal investigation. six months gone but not forgotten. a rally for phylicia barnes starts in front of city hall. for five months the city looked for the missing teen. her body was later recovered some two months ago. a man who has seen the
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earthquake and tsunami damage take over his country be in ours. the ambassador will tell us about the recovery efforts. he will also be there to thank the baltimore ravens forker that generous donations. all right. it has been one hot humid afternoon. we've been tracking showers and storms to the south. you see the big clusters into virginia. now we're seeing some development to the west of baltimore. one storm beginning to fire up near frederick. so we'll be keeping a very sharp eye on that. also heat index values in the mid-90s. still, the chance for a few thundershowers. we'll talk about whennette muggy air -- when the muggy air gets out of here. the coast guard rescued a
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family has the boat started taking off water right off ocean city. a distress call came from real deal just before 8:30 this morning so a dolphin helicopter crew from atlantic city arrived, saving the three people. starting on friday in carroll county, when you call for police help sheriff's deputies will post and not the state police. it the state will still respond to calls on state or federal highways but for your home, you're going to get a deputy. about 40 troopers will be assigned all across the state of maryland. hey, we're used to seeing planes flying, but maybe not this low and flying in circles. it's not a government spy operation. it's about our health. nasa will be using them for hair quality research -- air quality research. >> reporter: the department of
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the environment is doing some air quality testing. it uses this plane, a pb3 originally designed boit military to search for marines. the maneuverability makes it perfect for this type of research. >> it will enable us to better use the satellite data to help us understand the air quality near the surface where we breathe. >> reporter: the plane will be flying in circles as low last 1,000 feet along interstate 95 in populated areas. there are sensors on the outside of the plane to capture air samples. our hear was chosen for a -- area was chosen for a reason. >> it's a polluted region and violates standards for ozone and particulate matters and close to
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our laboratories. >> reporter: aboortd research spleen a variety of equipment to gather information on hair quality -- air quality. the baltimore-washington region is in the top 20 smoggiest. >> there's air traffic to be concerned about, some low altitude flights have particular challenges, in this case power and things of a that nature. >> reporter: the planes will be flying for the whole month of july. these are the same ones that fly through the eye of the hurricane to gain information on them. at bwi, i'm don harrison. >> each flight will take about two hours. there will be about 14 flights in all. those drop side cribs are no longer on your store shelves. new government standards aimed at keeping your infant safe went
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into effect today. kelly last the details. >> the primary target are those drop side cribs. the consumer product safety commission said they led to the sufficient foecation of 32 infants over the last decade. defective rails create a gap in the mattress, causing the baby to get caught. under the new rules, it's illegal to even sell them, even to give them away. daycare centers and hotels have until december 2012 to make sure their cribs meet the new standards and those standards include making the crib mattress supports more durable, stronger, crib slat and crib hardware and more rigorous testing. you can check out the website. you can swee a sturdy durable crib should look like. you can also see recall information that you need to
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keep up with to see a if your crib has been recalled. check out the web site to make sure there's no missing, broken or loose parts and make sure all the bolts and screws are tight. kelly swoope, back to you. how massive the attack on the sony play station was. sony knew millions of its customers had user names and passwords stolen but they waited more than a week to notify them. the president hopes you get more proof at the pumps by 2012. his standard is a bit over 56 miles an hour but it would come at a price tag. the higher standards would add about $2100 to the price of a new vefnlgt the proposal won't
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be until september. all right. you better put your order in now for crabs if you want them over the 4th of july. so far, there have been plenty to go around. crab shacks are keeping an eye on their supply and expect demand to spike over the next couple of days. we called a few crab place around town. the word on the street, we could be shelling out as much as $200 for a bush shell of crabs. all right. we're going to have to hit the lottery. we all dream of hitting it big but beginning next year the cost of a ticket will double, going from a buck to $2. it means the odds of winning will be easier. did i just say that. the jackpot will be going up too. the changes coincide with powerball's 20th anniversary. getting your kids off the couch outside can be a choamplet
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how the orioles are helping them. and we are used to being scared by them, but now our creams are falling in love with them. soon stroke victims could be cured at them. why doctors are looking at bats to cure your brain. 91 at bwi. was it hot enough for you. the humidity 87. sorry, no winner today. when will the heat break. will you see active weather over your 4th of july weekend. we answer that on the flip side of this break.
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the fda began two days of hearings on whether or not to pull avastin off the market. if the fda doesn't pull it, it could vote to allow the drug to be used with the warning until future studies are conducted. a new study shows how effective mammograms are. screening in women between the age of 40 and 49 reduced deaths but the debate continues. well, we all know they're creepy, crawlly and scary but vampire bats may turn out to be life savers. doctors think saliva from bats can mack all the difference -- make all the difference. >> he is a korean war veteran. he survived years of war bur a recent -- but a recent stroke
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almost killed him. got halfway through and my fork dropped out of my hand. i reached down, picked it up. >> reporter: for anyone having a stroke, it's crucial. that's why the tiny vampire bats can play a huge roll. when people are brought in, doctors have to act fast to dissolve blood clots in the braifnlt nothing dissolves it bet are than vampire bats. >> we're hoping the bat saliva will lower the risk of bleeding in the brain. >> the doctor is a streek specialist at ohio state university medical center. the study is to see how helpful it would be. doctors only have a three-our window but the drugs could triple that.
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>> this is one of the studies that expanded it. so patients when they present after a stroke from three hours of symptom onset to nine hours, now they have another option. >> that extra time could make all the difference thanks to the most unlikely source. linda so, abc2 news. >> ohio state is leading the research. but it will join up with hopkins. >> nice shot of the national aquarium. water taxi doing some business. a muggy one. 87 warm degrees. humidity 61%. winds are southeast. it's a bit of a muggy per steamer breeze -- muggier
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steamier breeze. we time lapsed to six hours. carroll county showing blue skies begin to billow up. we could still see some passing storms, but as we take a look at the radar, just one isolated storm moving towards the carroll county line. there's another more impressive one in virginia. that will be crossing into montgomery county and perhaps anne arundel county. we'll keep an eye on this. there could be passing thundershowers as these storms continue to push in. there's a better look at the large cluster south of washington. so northern virginia getting the action heat index values helping to fuel those storms. i mean, it feels like 94 in baltimore. 100 in easton. 98 in ocean city. so hot sticky weather.
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dew points up 68, 71, 72. that's humid conditions. good news, break coming tomorrow behind the storms. we'll look for mid to upper 80s from fells point to federal hill and could be low 80s. outersburg, 84. most of the action south of maryland this afternoon and evening. some of this will clip parts of the state through the next couple of hours. it will probably die off quickly. you can see how clear the weather is in the upper midwest. that clearing will move our way as we go into the next two days. milder weather, too. in the men time a hot -- meantime a hot humid flow. we think the peak window will be between now and 10:00. after 10:00 any activity should die down. we're left with partly to mostly sunny skies and a great looking
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day on thursday. overnight 67 and isolated storm through the evening. clearing and cooler. tomorrow 85. that's not bad. sunshine 85, not as humid. tomorrow night down to 358, mostly -- 58 clear and cooler. featuring great weather after tonight for about two days. then things heat up friday, saturday and sunday. the humidity comes back big time and there will lab slight chance -- will be a slight chance on the 4th of july into tuesday. so not a bad outlook. days looking like dog days. >> dog days. >> dog days of july. >> this morning we had 100 kids at camden yards. they were running around the field. it stands for promoting a lifetime of activity for youth. the program was created in 2004
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to combat childhood obesity. though learned about nutrition, the dangers of performance enhancing drugs and what this was like to have some fun in the sun. >> we hope they get out of here understanding some of the basics. just get some of the basics, food groups. which are good, not so good and get out and play. this is not a constructed league activity. have to play baseball or football but just get out and play, sort of like the days when we were growing up, just get out in the sand lot and have fun. >> adam jones is scheduled to hang out with kids and teach them about baseball techniques. about 4345 minutes -- 45 minutes, mr. jones will take on the sloes cardinals -- st. louis cardinals. kyle loesche will be on the hill for the cardinals.
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i'm kelly swoope with a look at what's coming up on abc2 news at 11. a traffic stop that ended with an unusual ticket. this man didn't get in trouble for speeding or running a red light but a gesture he gave another driver. plus, the pitfalls for those self-storage centers. join us at 11.
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that big blob under d.c. is scaring me. >> a big one. this will impact southern maryland. it's tracking a large storm south of d.c. and a few southwest of baltimore, could come into howard and carroll county. tomorrow a much nice are day and less humid, too. we'll be tracking it. >> fireworks start friday, four days. >> nonstop action. >> 'tis the season. >> that's all for us. diane sawyer is next to tell us world news at 6:30. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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